YouTube Creator Tutorial | Some Important Questions and Answers

Hello friends, you often ask if we can watch our own videos. Our channel is 12 months old but our 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers have not been completed, so should we create a new channel because our old channel is not working? And what to do with this channel?

The second question most people ask is can we share a link of our videos on WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook? I will try to give answers to all these questions in this article. After reading this post, you will find the answers to all your questions, and all your doubts will be clear.

First of all, let’s talk about whether can we watch our own uploaded videos from our mobile, laptop, or computer? So the simple answer is that whenever our video is played, YouTube people know where the video came from. In which country did you live, from which city do you live, did the owner run it himself or is he promoting his video?

If you go to Video Analytics, you will find that the views of any of your videos have come from YouTube search, browse features, notifications, channel pages, and external sources. Have the views come from some other source? As you can see the video analytics on my channel which tells you from which sources the views have come?

Let me make clear that my channel was also monetized in three years, so there is nothing to worry about. Now see the image below.

Channel Analytics

The following are some source types of views on the YouTube channel.

• YouTube Search External
• Browse Features
• Notifications Channel Pages
• Direct or Unknown
• Other YouTube features
• Suggested Videos Playlists
• Playlist Pages

Here are all the ways in which YouTube knows best, where the views are coming from. Now, what does YouTube do when you watch your own video? YouTube captures your IP address and knows your location. Your internet connection and your Gmail ID also counts.

Suppose we watch our own video from another laptop or computer, from a new Gmail ID, from a different location. The simple answer is that YouTube notes the latitude and longitude for tracking your location. ۔

If you use this trick, when your channel goes for monetization review, YouTube will check every single view of your channel, you will be at a loss. YouTube in particular will focus more on these videos, on there will be more watch time and views on those videos.

When these videos are captured, they will know how it all happened. They will understand that all the views and watch times came from the same laptop or computer, from the same Gmail ID.

If they come from the same internet connection, they will reject your channel for monetization. So now it is clear that you should not watch your own videos, and not at all from the ID, laptop, mobile, or computer from which you upload your videos because these views are fake counts. So increasing views and taking watch time, is a way that can be detrimental to you.

If you want your permanent views to keep coming, and your watch time to increase automatically, you’ll need to create videos that your subscribers are happy to see and new ones that come to your channel. Go crazy, and let them look forward to your new videos. So no one can stop your channel from growing.

Secondly, it is asked that if a year is completed, 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers are not completed yet, will our channel never be monetized? Do we have to create another new channel?

This old channel of yours can be monetized at any time. No problem in two or four years. YouTube users say that if you complete the said watch time and subscriber within 365 days, your channel will definitely be monetized.

When you create your new channel, be sure to share the link of your channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any social media network, because you are new to the world of YouTube until you share it. So how do people know who you are, what your channel works for?

When your channel gets a little popular and your videos start appearing in YouTube search and browse features, as shown in the analytics image above, stop sharing because YouTube likes organic traffic. Now you may be wondering what is this organic traffic? This means that when someone searches for something on YouTube or Google, they find your video and they reach your channel through this search, it is called organic traffic. YouTube loves this search. Such views will be counted in your YouTube search.

When you share a link to your videos on social media platforms and the views that come through them are called external views. You can share links to your videos with those who really watch your videos, not with those who do not watch them or watch your videos for some seconds at all.

So this was today’s article, I hope you like my hard work, if you don’t understand something, you can comment and ask us.

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