The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Anyone Working Online

If you are working online as a blogger, YouTuber, digital marketer, anyone working online from home, or if you want to start working online, we have 10 chrome extensions, that you must install. It will help you a lot really a lot while you are reading this article.

Let’s see these 10 chrome extensions, that I use almost every single day, while I’m working online.

Hi friends I’m Aftab Soomro from and let’s start without wasting any single second.

So the first chrome extension is called INSSIST | Web Client for Instagram, it’s one of the best extensions to manage Instagram so if you click on this extension you will see nowhere is my Instagram account, I manage everything from my desktop posting scheduling managing hashtags everything here on my desktop from this really awesome chrome extension.

The second extension is Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly is really at treasure it helps you a lot if you are writing emails writing blog posts writing anything online as an example here’s an email I’m writing you can see Grammarly will automatically fix everything you are writing and what’s nice you can start totally for free so Grammarly is a second chrome extension.

Extension number three is vidIQ Vision for YouTube, if you are a YouTuber I think you heard about it vidIQ is one of the best excel extensions that help you grow your youtube channel if you want to rank your video here you will see vidIQ adds a lot of things here like when is the best time to publish like use SEO score to help you rank your videos. You can see tag ranking we have a lot of features here and vidIQ helps you to boost your YouTube views and subscribers.

Number four is Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool, one of the best applications or chrome extensions for SEO. If you go here to google and search for what is SEO any keyword you want, you will see that keywords everywhere will give you automatically the search volume, the CPC, and the competition for this keyword and you will see here some widgets related keywords that people are searching long-tail keywords and so on. It’s also a great extension if you are working in SEO online. Now keywords everywhere is somehow a paid extension you can start for free but you need to buy some credits, if you want more details more data like here, if you want to load metrics you want to buy some crits, and so on. But anyway try it for free and see if it helps you I think it will.

Extension number five is GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail, GMass is simply a small application extension that will turn your Gmail account into an email marketing application. How to let’s see this, after installing this extension, in your Gmail account if you click on compose to send an email you will see at GMass button there if you open it, you will see you can personalize emails or the follow-up schedule, you can add email list symbolic email, spam solver, link checker, email analyzer.  It’s like a full email automation software inside Gmail, it’s a perfect solution especially for cold email marketers, call sending called emails, also you can start totally for free.

Let’s now move on to extension number six SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis, SimilarWeb is an extension that we must use a couple of hours every day if you are surfing the web for any website if you are surfing any website, you click on SimilarWeb here it will give you a small or a brief about that website, the global rank, the country rank the traffic. Over months the bounce rate, the pace per visit, details about that website, the geography, the top traffic sources, and if you click on go to SimilarWeb here you’ll get some more information about any website online. This is really very important especially if you are getting maybe some deals if you are being contacted by different companies and people you can check an overview about any website and see if it’s a valid website. If it’s a real website and so on or if you want to contact someone searching for partners competitors, you can find details about any website. You want online SimilarWeb is a great option it’s a great extension.

Extension number seven is Notion Web Clipper for those who don’t know the Notion. The Notion is a great application to manage everything your life your business, anything you can manage here inside notion. I plan I write everything I do everything in my life I manage it here my learning affiliate marketing bookmarks my projects, even my children’s school, my personal stuff I can manage channel here inside notion a great application you must use it. Now what is Notion Web Clipper, it helps you to save anything from the web as an example. if now let’s go to my website, you are searching my website you opened this article and you liked it, you want to save it and to review later, you can simply go here to Notion Web Clipper and simply save the page select the page, you want inside your workspace save the page and now if I go to notion here to work on you will see now down, I have this link I can read the full article you can see it clips everything inside notion you can read it, inside your application, it downloads everything you can read it later and so on.  Awesome application, awesome extension

Extension number eight ColorZilla, let’s go to my website let’s say you are surfing my website again on any website online you click here on ColorZilla and you click here on pick color from the page, you can start moving now the cursor and you can get any color on this page this is really awesome. If you are designing your blog designing your website and you like a color and you don’t know the color code or the RGB combination or whatever you can simply click here on this and you will get this color, you can copy it and paste it on your website. Really it’s very useful especially in designing your landing pages your website or whatever.

Extension number nine is called WhatFont again if you are surfing a website and you want to know the font used you can simply here go to what you will find and you will see that which font is that website using. You can know the font family the font size the weight everything about the font used in any website on any page online.

The last extension for today is called Wappalyzer, Wappalizer is also a great extension if you open again my website, you will get different types of informative articles on this website. Go here to Wappalizer click on it, it will give you what technologies are being used what’s there on this website, if you go to my website here click on Wappalizer, you’ll notice that this is a WordPress website. You see here and you can see what’s being used on this website. It’s also a great plug and if you want to understand what a website is using so maybe you can spy on competitors or get some ideas of what these websites are using. So you can use it inside your website if you want if you enjoyed this article, leave a comment in the comment box, or give any suggestion about it.

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