What is Search and Why is it so Important | Class – 3

Today we will learn what is search? And why is it important and what is its role in digital marketing?

Man is always looking for something. He needs answers to questions, he has to discover new things. All these things are part of human nature and search is also part of human nature.

Well-known scientist Albert Einstein says that “neither he was clever nor he had any special gift, but he was very curious that I have something to do.” Because of this, whatever inventions he had made to this day are benefiting us all. And we remember that because of him, we have these facilities today.

Our topic is primarily search-based on the information. Over time, as science progresses, so does all of the information in the digital payoff. Having a digital pay-per-view means that whatever mobile device or computer or laptop you have, you stay connected to those devices. So these devices keep you updated all the time. When you message on WhatsApp, e-mail, update status, all that data is stored somewhere in the database. According to one estimate, not all humans are connected to the Internet.

Here is a list of the 12 most popular search engines in the world.

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo
4. Baidu
5. AOL
6. Ask.com
7. Excite
8. DuckDuckGo
9. Wolfram Alpha
10 Yandex
11. Lycos
12 Chacha.com

Of the search engines we have listed above, Google is number 1 and the most used.

Why is a search engine so important?

We need to understand these three words “Search Engine Optimization”. If we understand these three words well, we will be able to master SEO.

What is Search?

Search basically tells us that when we search for something, there may be reasons for it. As the seeker needs or wants to find what he is looking for. This search is called an intention or purpose. If you are looking for a good doctor, you will go to the search engine and search for the clinic or doctor and you will find the doctor you want.

So how was this possible?

It is possible that the doctor has created a Facebook page or website, in which the doctor has entered the full address of his clinic, contact number, and all the information related to his department. When you search for a doctor’s name in Google, the search engine has that data, it provides the searcher with all the information in front of the screen in the blink of an eye.

Suppose you have visited a big city like Karachi and you have to have lunch in a good hotel then you will search “Best Hotels in Karachi” then you will come across innumerable information. From these two examples, you can understand that if you were looking for a doctor then you used a search engine and if you were hungry then you resorted to Google.

That way if you are looking for a good mobile to buy, a mobile with good features or looking for a good laptop that is low cost and has good RAM, the hard drive is big and also has good features. Then you start searching.

Marketing strategy

Marketers take advantage of this way of finding out and marketing their products and running campaigns so that when people search for a product, they come across their product so that they can earn good money.

Any website has information channels that are divided into four types. When people search for you, they include “Search, Social, Referral and Direct”, which drive traffic to the website.

It is very important to understand these four channels that the biggest channel is searched. Because when someone is searching for a product on Google and they find that product on your website and they buy from there, it is the number one channel according to the search engine because the traffic is looking for you.

Social media channel

If someone sees your product on Facebook and buys it, it is a channel called social media channel, on which people just come to make friends, post pictures, chat and pass the time.

Referral Channel

And if someone tells you about your product, click on this link of mine and go and buy this product, it is called a referral channel. And the giver of this referral link gets a commission on the sale of this product.

Direct channel

And if you know that I will find this product on the Draz website and you open the Direct Browser and open the Draz website, then it is called Direct Channel.

Search English Channel Types

What is Organic Search?

Whenever a user comes to a search engine and searches for your product, website, article, or anything else, it is called organic search. If you don’t know about search, your digital marketing may flop. What if you don’t know what digital marketing strategies are looking for and what you’re offering them? Are you really meeting their needs or doing your own thing? So it is impossible for you to succeed. And whoever follows the path of the seeker will surely succeed.

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