SEO Course Structure Class -2

Welcome to Class 2 of SEO Courses, you will come from different fields, different ages, different regions. We have designed this course with all these things in mind. By the way, this course is for everyone who wants to understand this important topic and take advantage of it. Now it depends upon you, how much you benefit from it.

Important points to do that course

In order to complete this course, it is important that you understand it from the beginning and understand it step by step, where you do not understand, first clear it, then move on. You are not required to have permission to post. We’ve created 30 sections of this course with over 200 topics, in which we’ll tell you what Google is. Which search engine competes with it? How does Google work? How to create a search engine? How did it become history? After understanding all these topics, we will start our main topic, how to do SEO, and how to market it after doing it? How to make money from it? How can you use it for your own business or trade purpose? How can you engage to use it in your job? We will try to complete all these things in this course and provide you complete information. So that you can complete it so that you can get a job later or use it in your business.

Why is a search engine important?

Today is the age of digital marketing which is in dire need of search. If you miss this search, you will not be able to do digital marketing. You have to be patient to understand it, you will never understand it in a hurry, and it will not do you any good. In this course, we will practice 80-70%. Because just understanding will not get you anything, you have to go to Google regularly and practice, otherwise this course will never benefit you.

We will also have some quizzes related to this course, which will be a test for you about the teachings or training we have put in your mind, to find out what percentage you have understood this course. If it is not understood, we will find out the reasons for it and we will work together to solve it.

We will not only explain to you how to complete this course but will also teach you communication skills after understanding how to present to your boss or client what are the benefits of this course? Or what can be gained from it? How would you introduce this skill? All of these things you will easily understand after completing this course.

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