PHP OOP Introduction Tutorial

What is Object-Oriented Programming in detail?

In this PHP OOP Introduction Tutorial, I am trying to teach you, the three words Object-Oriented Programming, which is also known as OOP is really a special way or technic of programming. It has been considered very powerful and fast for different tasks than the normal way of programming as we do in Procedural or Core in PHP. OOP helps programmers to create huge projects and it is easy to manage them.

Here we give the list of some benefits of OOP:

  • OOP is easy to manage
  • It is easy to use
  • OOP prevents repetition code
  • Programming in OOP is very fast and efficient

It has been observed that OOP is a little bit hard to understand as compared to procedural programming techniques. But, if anyone, once, understands the 4 terms given below, then he/she can program easily!

  1. Class
  2. Object
  3. Properties
  4. Methods (or Functions)

In the Object-Oriented Programming technique, any task or topic can be handled by one class easily.

Definition of a Class:-

The very first and beginning term we can have in Object-Oriented Programming is a class. As the name class is known as a blueprint. Class is just a piece of coding, which describes that how can we manage any topic or different tasks in our required way.

For example:- A class is like a map of our house.

Blueprint or Map of our house

In the above picture, you can see on the left side, there is a map or blueprint which we name it Class of our program, and on the right side, you can see 4 same sized and design houses, made from this blueprint.

Definition of an Object:-

The word Object is an example of a class. You can suppose it is like a house that is built from the blueprint or map. We can make so many objects from one class, as we can create multiple houses from a blueprint or map.

We can paint any color to each house, different floor tiles, different home equipment and much more can be done.  We can assign different properties to different objects.

Definition of Properties:-

Objects have so many properties in the shape of variables. These are the values that are associated with any object. Properties are liable to describe the appearance of the Object in our program.

We can add, remove or change properties and some of them can be read-only.

Suppose a color is called a property of any house.

We can perform different actions on the house, (like a change of the color paint).

Definition of Methods:-

We can perform actions on Objects by using Methods. suppose, I am changing the color of my house, so we can say this is the method that will be performed on my house which is called Object.

Now we have learned about Object-Oriented Programming

  • First of all, we created the blueprint or map, which is called (Class)
  • Secondly, we created our house from that blueprint, which is called (Object)
  • Then, we added color, set the width, height, floor tiles, etc. to our house, which is called (Properties)
  • Finally, we changed the color or paint, when we needed to change it, which is called (Methods)


Class, Methods and Properties of Class

Coding methodology / style / pattern

There are two patterns of PHP programming

  1. Procedural / Core PHP
  2. Object-Oriented Programming is very much popular because its coding is more modular and reusable, suppose you have written a code for one project, you can use that code for another project too.
  3. Its code is well organized which can be maintained easily.
  4. Easier to debug means it’s easy to find the errors in the code.
  5. We use this type of pattern when we make medium to large website projects.

MVC Frameworks that have been made in this PHP OOP.

  • Codeigniter
  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • Yii
  • Zend

If you want to learn the documentation of PHP then click this link about PHP Official Website

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