How to Start a Successful Blog with easy 7 steps

Are you keen to get knowledge about how to start a successful blog? If yes, then you have come to the right place to get your required knowledge and guidance.

Here I will share my experiences about blogging, to get you successful in this journey.

You will not only get the ideas about blogging but will get extra points to be a Blogger. You may be searching on google the following queries such as:

  • How to start a traveling blog?
  • You can start a Fashion and Beauty Blog?
  • You may start a Food Recipe Blog?

Every blogger has a big problem, he doesn’t know the right path to write a successful blog.

I am listing some key points here,  In this blog post, I will teach you all the necessary steps that you need to follow for starting your blogging journey.

The word blog means an article or you can say blog post means we are writing some special essay or paragraph for people on a particular topic is called blogging.

Before learning all about how to start a  blog, let me start from the basics, what is a Blog and what does a blog stand for?

How to Make Money by Starting a Successful Blog

You must follow every single step, which I will teach you to start your successful blog.

Approximately more than 2 million blog posts are published on the internet and out of them 1 Lac posts never get organic traffic, because it is an art or game you can say the smart selection of your ideas to write unique content.

In this guide, you will get everything that a beginner or an existing experienced blogger requires to get more tricks or learnings on how to start a blogging business.

So let’s start my target to teach you, I try to answers all queries about How to start a successful Blog?

Wish you the Best of Luck!!

#1: Need to search a Profitable Niche and Need base Blog Ideas

A very difficult and crucial point is always to decide what kind of blog should I write and what are the most popular and searched blog ideas? because this is only the catching factor for successful blogging.

Here is the main question that What you want to write and why?

The art of Blogging is not only about writing, it is all about what quality information you are Writing on your blog post.

Seek a little bit confused, right?

Here are some step will figure out below a list of ideas in your mind:

  • What is your interest in writing or conveying the message?
  • Which thing do you like the most or you in interested?
  • What is your passion?

Niche is the main point or something we can say a category or specific industry.

Here you can say, you want to write about gadgets, automobiles, the internet these all are part of technology, so your niche will be Technology on which you can make a blog.

If you are thinking to write about Bodybuilding, Gym, Exercise then it is health-related then this is another niche.

You must have got the basics behind the selection of your profitable niche.

If your selection is right about the niche, that is the key step for how to start a successful Blog.

You may be worrying about how to find niche selection Ideas then check the category section at two places.

Amazon – Click here to reach



Ezine Articles – Click here to reach

Ezine Articles

#2: Choosing the Right Blogging Platform – Blogger vs WordPress?

WordPress and Blogger both are famous content management tools, in simple words, a place where you can start writing your blog without having the perfect knowledge of web designing or development.

There are two ways to start blogging, one is by using a free platform called Blogger and the other is a self-hosted platform called WordPress.

Now Let’s learn are these both are all about and which one is the cheapest way to start a successful blog.

Blogger – This is the totally free way to start a Blog

If you are a beginner or just want to learn blogging for sharing your ideas only and not curious about how much traffic comes on your blog or what is their reading experiences then you have the choice here for the free platform Blogger.


Blogger is a Google-owned free product that will give you a free domain with the extension “” and totally free hosting for unlimited bandwidth.

Here are some points to use of Blogger:


  • You will get a free domain name with extension
  • Here is a chance to get free Hosting for unlimited bandwidth.
  • Blogger will handle all the Security and performance of your blog.
  • You can have so many free inbuild themes.

Disadvantages :

  • We can not customize our blog for the best user experiences.
  • Blogger is not offering the support plugins for automating the process of the site.
  • It is the need of industry to have a custom domain like .com which is not freely available in Blogger.

I would suggest you use Blogger as a platform for blogging experiments and learning, where you can learn how to start blogging but in the future, you will realize that, you will have to move to WordPress if your goal is to build a business abound blog.

Blogger is only a start for a query if you are looking for how to start a blog for Free or cost or no money in your pocket?

I have seen so many successful bloggers, who did the same mistake by starting with Blogger and then moved to WordPress.

WordPress – Self-hosted blogging Platform

WordPress was started back in the year 2003 as a totally free CMS (content management tool). According to stats, around 60% of the content writers are using WordPress as their best content management platform and they love to use it because it has so many functionalities, themes, plugins, and much more available to make an attractive blog.

You need to aware of types of WordPress as it has two platforms:


Although if you have decided to have a self-hosted future business-oriented blog, then I would recommend using as is free like Blogger but has certain limitations.



#3: Selection of Hosting and Domain Names for your Blog

As you know the WordPress is a content management tool, but it needs your content to be stored somewhere on the webspace using web hosting.

If you want your post or article write in WordPress, which will be visible on the internet, but how exactly you can do that?

For that purpose, you will need hosting and domain but why does web hosting require?

Because you want To be visible in the world of the internet, you must have space where you can make your own storage of content and inside of that, you can place all your data as in the case of a website it could be HTML, CSS, JAVA or PHP codes.

The solution to the problem is web hosting which is a way that gives you the bandwidth to have your own space on the internet, which is an initial and first need to be live on the internet.

Now the second question is why Does a Domain name require for my Blog?

Suppose, someone wants to reach your blog, then in the real scenario, that person may require a physical address, in a similar way to reach out to your website, it requires a name, which we call a Domain name.

It is clear now, your domain name will be your identity or address in this internet world, if anyone wants to read your written article on your blog, will definitely require that particular and unique address.

So many people are confused about which web hosting should buy for Blogs or Websites.

The following tricks are given before purchasing any hosting you make sure below parameters.

  • Check that How many domains you can host on a single hosting account
  • Great Performance of hosting account.
  • Uptime of hosting services provided by the company.
  • Customer services of Hosting companies.
  • Market reputation of that hosting.
  • The maximum traffic handling capacity of the hosting company.

I recommend some following website, that is providing various hosting services companies such as

I am personally, using Symbolhost, and found it a very nice company, they are always ready to troubleshoot our problems and issues.

#4: Right Choice for Installation of WordPress themes, and Plugins 

Now you have purchased hosting from any company, it has an inbuilt feature to install WordPress in one click. After installation, you need to login in just clicks to WordPress it will auto set up everything for you within few minutes.

Here you have WordPress installed on your server, and you are able to access the admin panel of WordPress. So you need to move forward and find an attractive, responsive theme for your blog.

Best Free and Paid Themes for your blog in WordPress

There are so many free and paid themes available, if you want to make your blog at a cheap price, you should move to free themes.

Some Best Free Plugins for WordPress Website or Blog

Installing Plugins make your blogging experience way better, in this way, you can optimize your content easily and can improve security from a cyber attack.

Following is a list of the top WordPress Free plugins, which I expect every beginner should install in their WordPress blog for their better experience.

These plugins are totally free and easy to install, they also offer premium plans for better services but I do not recommend spending much money initially.

Here is my list is given below:

1. JetPack-Akismet Anti Spam to Improve Security of WordPress Blog                                 

2. Updraft Plus – Free Backup for WordPress Website

3. W3Total Cache – Free Caching Plugin for WordPress Blog

4. Smush – Best Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress

5. Broken Link Checker – To fix 404 Erro on Website

6. Yoast/Rank Math Seo Plugin –  for On-Page SEO

7. TinyMCE  Advanced  (Advanced Editor tool)- For Best WordPress Editor

8. AdInserter/Ads for AMP – For Auto Ads insertion

9 -301 – Redirection Plugin to Change the Permalink

#5: How to perform Keyword Research and get Content Ideas?

To set up a platform for your blog and writing an article is an easy job, but to find out the right keywords to target in a blog is a quite difficult job.

We see there are millions of posts written and published every day, but very few get relevant traffic, Why? The answer is simple, it is due to targeting irrelevant topics.

How to get Keyword research for Blog posts?

Searching a keyword is possible in two ways, one is using free tools and the other is paid tool.

I suggest you, if you are a beginner, you can not afford a paid tool that costs you more than 100$ per month.

Below listed are the two most useful tools available in the market, which will help you to search for a keyword.

  • Ahref
  • Semrush

Ahref has 7 days free trial to use for keyword research and Semrush has 14 days free trial, so you can go for any of these as both are well-known Seo tools available in the market to find the best keywords for your blog.

If you are finding the free tool, then Google keyword planner is the best among all free tools, which I use every day to find out the best keyword ideas for free of cost.

#6: How to write 100% SEO (Search Engine Optimization) very first blog post?

This is the time to put all your researches, facts, and collected data into reality. Make sure, your SEO plugin should be set up and running which helps us to finish On-Page SEO.

Head over to WordPress and follow the below step.

  • Click on  Posts>Add New and you will be landed on the new edit box.
  • Make sure the TinyMCE plug is installed and activated before making a new post.
  • Type your Title at the topmost edit box and rest the heading and subheading in the main body of the Editor, where you write a post detail.
  • Initially, the title of the post will be H1 (Header tag) or visible in SERP, so make it more attractive for readers of your blog, which will help you to increase Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • Then, write an interactive 2-3 paragraphs including your target keyword to tell your readers what they will be getting after reading your complete blog post.
  • After that, you may provide all the Subtopics as H2 or H3 or consecutive tags, and write each subsection with whatever content you are willing to write for your viewers.
  • Make interlink your post with your other posts and don’t miss to link with an external source for the best SEO technic.
  • At the of your post, you must write a conclusion that will summarize the overall