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How do I get Google AdSense YouTube?

Are you interested to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, for earning money? Then you should get legally associate an approved AdSense account.

It is noted carefully that: Only one AdSense account for the one payee name per AdSense’s Terms and Conditions is allowed. If you create a duplicate AdSense account through YouTube would not be able to approve, and the monetization will be terminated for your associated YouTube channel.

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Read the following below for linking to the right AdSense account for the desired YouTube channel. One can use any existing AdSense account for that or can create a new, it depends upon the need. We can get monetize multiple YouTube channels with one AdSense Account.
Suppose, if you have been approved for the YouTube Partners Program and you are willing to change that AdSense account which is associated with your channel, for that purpose, you can click the link and follow the instructions.

What is Google AdSense YouTube?

Simply, AdSense is totally open and free, easy path for making money online just by placing commercial advertisements/ads on your blog or website. The huge network of Google’s ads will connect different advertisers who always seek to run their commercial ads for their products on different websites with the publishers like blog or website owners, will look to monetize the website, to make it simple for everyone’s success. Publishers and advertisers are connected by AdSense, by giving AdWords advertisers an opportunity for bidding on the ad space on the different types of websites or blogs.


If you work with AdSense, you can give space of your blog to post the ads and can create the best reading material for your readers and you will be able to know about Google AdSense YouTube.

I will try to tell the steps for the YouTube monetization process. Almost every new YouTuber asks the main question that, “How can I start making money from my videos?”

When they think in mind that they can’t make money online right away. To get monetized in a proper way, there is a process and some necessary requirements for eligibility for getting Google AdSense YouTube.

You can wait at least 6 to 12 months for getting success for earning online especially on YouTube. The first and big requirement to be monetized is to have 1000 subscribers, to get these first subscribers is not an easy task but it’s possible, which can be achieved. You can complete that may be within a few weeks or some months or it may take a long time.

The second main requirement is you must have 4,000 hours of public watch time within the last 12 months. Private and unlisted videos can not be included.

You have to complete these 4000 hours of public watch time “within the last 12 months”, not before one year ago, but if you don’t have active watch time minutes, now Google isn’t going to consider you for their partner program.

Further, you need to know about Google AdSense YouTube

They want people who are continuously contributing to the channel that is helping to get more views on their platform.

So only those YouTubers will get monetization that is active on the platform. 4,000 hours of watch time or 240,000 minutes are equal.

Suppose, you have completed the above requirements and have become eligible, you need to go to the monetization tab you see there are three steps.

First of all, you must review the partner program terms. Here you have to click and read the partner terms and conditions and then click a button that says I accept.

So I’ve already approved this. So that’s why this is already checked. After that, you need to sign up for Google AdSense and you need to link your Google Adsense Account.

Finally you will about Google AdSense YouTube

Once, your Google AdSense Account is linked with your channel, you will be able to show ads on your videos, and earn money online easily.

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