What is Amazon | Its definition

Amazon, the world’s number one online marketplace, has released a list on its website that allows residents of 104 countries around the world to register and sell their wares. If you belong to one of the 104 countries on the list, you must have a verified phone number and an international credit card. After that, you can sell products by creating a cell account on Amazon. Amazon’s list of 104 countries includes Senegal, Bangladesh, Slovakia, Uganda, Mozambique and India, and now Pakistan.

How big is this company with some facts about Amazon?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce and logistics company.┬áBy the end of 2018, Amazon’s delivery infrastructure includes more than 181 warehouses, 28 sorting centers, 59 local package delivery stations, and 65 centers (Prime Now Express) from which the product can be accessed by the user in just 2 hours.

Who created Amazon?

Mr. Jeff Bezos started Amazon, the largest online business website today, by selling books from an online bookstore in 1994, but today he has overtaken big companies like Apple and Alphabet, and Amazon has become the largest company in the world. Through it is a big website, which sells audio, video, downloads, software, new video games, electronics products, clothing, wood furniture, food, and jewelry, and has become the world’s largest e-commerce company today.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon is one of the four largest technology companies in terms of market share, innovation, and competitiveness, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook, and crossed the trillion mark last year.

Amazon has its own publishing house.

He has also set up a film and television studio.

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