Best time for Surgery Needed in Treating Cancer

Cancer is not a specific disease but a group of diseases. This directly affects the growth of abnormal cells. They grow in large numbers and kill our immune system. There are cells in our body that live their lives and die. They are refilled with new cells. This cycle occurs during the lifetime but in the case of cancer, these cells do not die and continue to grow in large numbers.

They do not need a body but they are still there. It is important to diagnose it on time so that an attack can be prevented. Humans have more than 100 different types of cancer. Cancer can happen in both men and women.

Breast Cancer

Some of them are specific to one sex because the organ is not found in the other. Two common examples are breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. There are no exact causes of cancer. This occurs when changes occur in the DNA of cells. This DNA is contained within a large number of genes that inform cells to perform certain functions. But when there is an error in communication, there is a possibility of cancer in the cell.

They not only allow rapid growth of these cells but also fail to prevent their uncontrolled growth. There are two main causes of gene mutation. Variations that have been present since birth these mutations are present in the body since birth. You are born with them and inherited from parents. But only a small percentage of cancer is caused by it. Post-birth mutations are prominent in number and form after birth.

This may be due to lifestyle choices or the side effects of a disease. The most dangerous thing about cancer is that there is no precise reason for it. There are many risk factors associated with this disease but staying away from all of these can also lead to cancer. Some common risk factors are as follows. Age – Many cancers take longer to develop and show symptoms. They may be present in the body for some time but symptoms only appear when they have reached an advanced stage.  Many lifestyle choices are considered risk factors.


They include smoking regularly and drinking alcohol. Excessive exposure to the skin is a major cause of skin cancer. This causes sunburn and blisters in the body. Small portions of cancer are also inherited from family members. If one or more close members suffer from it, the risk is increased. Obesity causes many weight problems that are directly related to this disease. Fat Cells present in the cells of the body control the growth of the cancer cell.

The environment also causes some problems. Even if you do not smoke, consuming secondhand smoke can be harmful. If you feel that any of the above risk factors are associated with you, then there should be a regular screening of cancer. Common treatment methods are:-

Chemotherapy This treatment method uses drugs to kill the growth of cancer cells. In this treatment, either a single or a combination of drugs are used. But as they kill the cells too quickly, some nearby cells may be harmed. It can be given before or after surgery, or as a method only.

Radiation therapy:- It destroys affected cells by the use of high-energy X-rays and other radiation methods. More than half of people who suffer from cancer receive radiation therapy at one point or another.

Surgery:- Surgery is the operation to remove the tumor. Surgery goals vary. It is used not only to treat the disease but also to diagnose it in the body. Staging is a type of surgery performed to ascertain the extent of the tumor. BLK Hospital has one of the best cancer specialists in India and is known for providing treatment at per the convenience of the patient. They ensure that the environment is friendly and the staff is kind.

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