How to Start a Successful Blog Using 7 Steps

If you are thinking about Blogging or searching How to Start and Successful blog, then you have reached the right place to get the ultimate source of guidance.

I started my career as Blogger two years ago, and felt the need for newcomers in this field to show them about Blogging basics, as what does blog actually stands for?

Here I will add my beginning payment proof to encourage you that this not a time waste practice but beneficial for the bloggers.

It’s not just a guide, but the complete guidance of the journey I started as a blogger to share it to new blogs, you may be searching the following queries:

  • First search, How to start a travel blog?
  • The second search, How to Start a Fashion Blog?
  • The third query you may have, How to start a Food Blog?

The biggest problem every new blogger feels, he/she is willing to start a successful blog, but how to do that.

That is the reason, in this passage, I will try to teach each and every simple step, that you will need to follow during start your journey of Blogging.

You are advised to make your own Road map to start your blogging journey, otherwise, you will leave this blogging journey and will get the loss of your time and money you spent on this project.

Till the year 2000, it was quite easy to start a blog, but nowadays things have got more competitive.

I think you are confused with other words for a blog the people also call a blog an article or blog post. And this is the process of writing good content is called blogging.

How to Start a Successful Blog and Start Making Money

Here you are now ready to go ahead and take a step forward. And try to get complete information from this special guide.

According to a search from Google, every day more than 7 million posts are published and out of that around the majority of posts never get single organic traffic, so this is just like a game with the unique ideas and writing of good content.

You may be shocked to read the above statement which is a bit horrified but it is the bitter truth of the industry of blogging. Our aim is to build or create a wonderful platform that can sustain itself in this competitive world to be successful.

This guide will help you out for a beginner or an experienced blogger, who actually required to improve or learn the best tips on how to start a blogging business.

So, Let’s start your journey and I hope to answer all your required queries on How to start a successful Blog?

Wish you the Best of Luck!!

#1: Finding Profitable Niche Ideas for Blog

This important point to decide what type of blog should we start and what are the most popular and trending blog ideas? because this is the main deciding factor for starting a successful blog.

What do you want to write and why?

cartoon man confused while working

The following 3 steps will figure out a list of ideas:

  • First of all, check your that What is your interest?
  • Then, search that Which thing do you like the most?
  • Finally, you may think that What is your passion?

Here I give an important point that to create a blog is not difficult but to maintain it regularly for a very long time is not possible without your interest in that particular niche or idea.

I don’t suggest you jump blindly here, else you will regret it later somewhere and the very first chapter should start with the selection of your Niche.

I am asking a question here, What is Niche, and why it is needed for your blog? Here I will explain it to you clearly.

Niche is just like a category or specific industry.

Suppose you want to write about gadgets, automobiles, internet, these all are part of technology, so your niche will be related to Technology Niche.

If you are thinking to write about the Gym, Exercise, Body Building then it is Health-related another niche.

And if you wish to write about movies, gossips then this is an Entertainment Niche as simple as that.

Here we will move to the Types of blogs and will try to explain the methods through which, you can get your best profitable niche ideas for your blog.

Here you can see clearly that you have restricted yourself to write only about a specific niche or idea, so now, you can not combine any health-related or entertainment ideas to this technology niche.

Suppose the selection of technology as your niche would be millions of topics to write, so why not choose any sub-category as we call Micro Niche.

You can write on just one topic Android which can be the Micro Niche of your main niche Technology, it will attract audiences and you can make the higher authority of your site or blog.

Such types of sites that only focus around some specific industry, mean small categories are known as Micro Niche blogs.

Don’t worry about less traffic, which you receive initially, but slowly, your site will start to rank to 100s of different keywords and you will have a higher chance to convert your readers into potential clients.

The micro-niche can have disadvantages if you fail in finding the content ideas to write and selecting the best keywords.

Don’t worry, If you are in trouble finding niche selection Ideas, then just check the category section at two following places.

Amazon – Click Here


Ezine Article – Click Here

Ezine Articles

So, you can find unlimited categories and sub-categories ideas from the above websites to find your interest-based niche.

Do you know What is Multi-Niche Blog?

It’s all about the ideas, where you write in your blog, everything that comes in your mind or you like the most, which has own advantages and disadvantage too.

If we think about advantages, you will never face any difficulty to find out blog post topic ideas, but the disadvantage is the conversion of your readers to the majority of potential customers will be very less, so the disadvantages are more than the advantages.

If I am interested in Android then why should I subscribe to the newsletter for any general blog which writes rarely about Android?

What are The Media, News, or Current Affairs type Blogs?

To start a blog on Media, News or Current Affairs type blog is less successful because already big news agencies are dominating in this industry.

So don’t move on media and chose the best out of your Niche or Multi-Niche blogs, where I do recommend choosing only the Niche website.

#2: How to choose the Right Blogging Platform – Either Blogger Or WordPress?

The main 2 content management tools WordPress and Blogger are very famous, these are places, where you will start writing your blog.

Here I am telling you the two ways to start blogging, one which will use a free platform called Blogger and the second is a self-hosted platform called WordPress which is used mostly for blogging.

Blogger – The best and cheapest way to start a Blog

If you are not in a position to invest money start your blog, or just wanted to start blogging for sharing ideas only and do not care about how many people read your content or what is their reading experiences, then you can go for the free platform Blogger, where you can easily create and manage your blog content.

BlogSpot or Blogger – This is the cheapest way to start a Blog

If you are thinking to start a blog as a beginner or just want to write content for sharing ideas only, and not serious about how many people read or what is their reading experiences then, this is the right place to start start with the free Blogger platform.


Blogger is Google’s personal product, that is offering you a free sub-domain with the extension “” and also giving you free hosting for unlimited bandwidth.

Here I will summarize the usage of Blogger:

Pros & Cons

  • You get Free domain name with extension
  • Also, you get Free Hosting for unlimited bandwidth.
  • All types of Security and performance will be handled by Blogger.
  • You will get Free inbuild themes to use in your blog.
  • In this free platform, You are unable to customize your blog.
  • Blogger is not offering any support plugins for enhancing the process.
  • Today is a great need of industry to have your custom domain like .com or .net which is not freely available in this Blogger platform.

CMS – WordPress: Self-hosted blogging (Better Option to Choose)

WordPress was started in the year 2003. Is a free content management system tool. According to stats, the majority of the content writers are using WordPress as their first and best content management (CMS) platform.

But look here for two types of WordPress platforms:

  • First is
  • Second is platform is used for free like Blogger but it has some certain limitations. Here I recommend you to move on to, which will be used self-hosted future business-oriented blog. And is totally open source.



WordPress supports the usage of a number of plugins and makes your blogging experience easy and top level.


#3: Selection of Best Hosting and Domain Names for your Blog

As you know, WordPress is a Content Management Tool, but it needs some web space to store its content, which is called Web Hosting.

After purchasing good hosting, and writing posts, WordPress will be visible on the internet. So you have to purchase the best Web Hosting.

After getting a hosting, you need a Domain name. If someone wants to reach your website, then in the actual scenario he or she may require a physical domain address in a similar way to reach out to your website or blog, it requires a name which is called a Domain name.

I have given around so many days to do different researches on various hosting provider companies such as:

If you live in Pakistan, the best web hosting provider which I am also using is Symbolhost.

As a beginner, you will not be sure how much traffic you will suppose to generate or it might be the case that you would start other sites and require unlimited bandwidth to control all of your blogs or sites.

#4: Installation of WordPress themes, and Necessary Plugins 

When you purchase hosting from any web hosting company, they offer an inbuilt feature of installation of WordPress in just one click. So once you log in to your control panel of that hosting, it will auto-setup everything for you.

WordPress Best Free and Paid Themes

The WordPress theme is the front look of your blog, it must be engaging, attractive, and reader-friendly. It should be most important, should be well optimized for mobile and desktop versions.

WordPress has a huge collection of different Free and Paid themes available and in that list, as a beginner, I would recommend going for ColorMag or Hestia.

Best Free Plugins for WordPress Website

Using WordPress is very beneficial because there is a facility for using Plugins we can automate most of our processes. We can create an advanced user experience.

Plugins make your blogging experience easy and better, there we can optimize our content easily and we will be able to improve security from a cyber attack.

I give here a list of some necessary WordPress Free plugins, which I suggest new bloggers should install in their WordPress blog.

Here is my list:

1. JetPack-Akismet Anti Spam, which is used to improve Security of WordPress Blog

2. Updraft Plus – This Plug-in is used for Free Backup for WordPress Website

3. W3Total Cache – This is used for Free Caching Plugin for WordPress Blog

4. Semrush – This is for Best Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress

5. Broken Link Checker – This Plugin is used To fix 404 Erro on the Website

6. Yoast/Rank Math Seo Plugins –  These plugins can be used for On-Page SEO

7. TinyMCE  Advanced  (Advanced Editor tool)- For Best WordPress Editor

8. AdInserter/Ads for AMP Version – For Auto Ads insertion in your website

9 -301 – This is Redirection Plugin to Change the Permalink


#5: How to Perform Keyword Research and find out Content Ideas?

To set up a platform like WordPress or Blogger and writing an article there, is an easy job but it is a quite and complicated job to find out the right keyword to target in a blog.

I have not paid to like ahrefs or any other tool, I always use Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords for my blog.

You have so many free options to do free keyword research such as

  • You can use Google suggestions.
  • You can use Google keyword planner.
  • You can use a free Chrome Extention Keyword surfer or keyword lookup.
  • You may use Ubbersugegst, The Hoth, and Site Explorer.

#6: How to create your 100% SEO first blog post?

Now, is the time, to write your first unique blog post.

  • Click to  Posts>Add New and you will be redirected to the new edit box, where you will start typing your post.
  • Enter the title of your post, in which you have to target your keyword.
  • Focus on, On-Page-SEO, which is a prime factor and important for any article.
  • Set all the Off-Page-SEO, Internal Links to target your other posts between your website.
  • Set all the Keyphrases, Meta Descriptions, and other SEO Settings, which will be available in your Yoast or RankMath Plugin, described above in this post.
  • Write your post of at least 1000 words long, because if you want to be a successful blogger, then you have to write longer, unique, and detailed articles for your readers.

#7: Now it is time to publish and Promote your post

We have successfully written our first post and completed all the formalities about SEO Techniques.

Now it is a time to complete a couple of tasks to let search engines and your readers know you have just not published a great content

It is part of Off-Page Seo, let us submit your website to various search engine sites such as:

  • Google Webmaster (Using Google Search Console)
  • Bing WebMaster.

Open these two websites and create your own account on both of these sites, and submit a sitemap of your blog using your website URL or address, if you use any WordPress blog with SEO plugins like Yoast or Rankmath then your sitemap will be generated automatically.

It is a time To Make money by placing Ad on Blog – Adsense

For making money through your blog, this is one of the best ways to monetize your WordPress blog, apply for Google Adsense once you fulfill the conditions.

As a new blogger, here is Earning Proof of my one website:

AdSense Proof

Conclusion on my this post “How to Start a Successful Blog?”

To start a blog, It is always challenging to find out the right niche and keyword.

But the points and techniques I have tried to explain might help you to get answered all your queries on How To Start a Successful Blog?

Always start with WordPress if you are thinking to make money or better user experiences.

It took me a lot of effort for a couple of days to bring all these facts altogether, but I thought of myself in that position where I was at the beginning and framed each possible fact I can do for you.

Let share your experience with what you have learned in  Ultimate guide on how to start a Successful Blog“.

Kindly share this information gathered in this post, as much as you can to help others.

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